la bella terra

farm, wilderness, sanctuary


 Welcome to our home, La Bella Terra.

Mountains, forests, meadows, a small winding river.

Barns, gardens, an old stone house.

Farming wild. Reforesting.


Just Beginning.

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Judy Henderson

    Hi Suzanna and Phil,
    I’m thinking about you this evening as I read about the terrible earthquake in central Italy. I hope you are spared. The work you have done since I was there in October 2014 is truly amazing! You are the most incredible people I’ve ever met. I wish you many fruitful years together on your beautiful farm/forest.
    Suzanna–The duck drawings are perfect, and your photos are beautiful. I’m enjoying reading and looking at all of it.
    PS–I hope some of those olive tree starts we dragged up the hill and planted survived!


  2. John Agostinelli

    Hi Suzanna (Jeri), I believe my wife and I met you traveling to Italy in September 2009 when you were returning from NYC but not sure.
    Anyway you gave us your website and email but shame on me for not reaching out long before this.
    Just wanted to say hi and enjoyed reading you blog.


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